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Paintings & Sketches


Paintings and sketches, particularly of earlier vessels, can provide useful information where photographs are otherwise not available, but care is needed as some artists use 'artist licence' in depicting the event.


Schooner Tweed
Brigantine Thirza


Faversham registered, Schooner, 199 tons

Official Number 29508


Tweed was built in 1865 in Newburgh, Scotland. On 16 November 1889 she collided with the tug Rescue. She disappeared in November 1915 on her way to Dunkirk with a cargo of clay.


Painting by Reuben Chappell (1870-1940)


Faversham registered, Brigantine, 199 tons

Official number 51924


Thirza was built at Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, in 1865 and operated out of Whitstable. During WWI she became a commissioned war-ship. Her name changed several times - Elixir, Probus and Q30. In 1920, she was converted to a lighter.


Sketch by W L Wyllie (1851-1931)


Poster of Standard Quay
Poster of Faversham Nautical Festival

Poster of Standard Quay, Faversham


A range of commercially available posters and cards. This poster show the Thames sailing barge Greta which is locally owned and skippered by Steve Norris of Faversham. Greta took part in the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940 and is the oldest (1892) active Dunkirk Little Ship. She still regularly sails out of Whitstable harbour.

Poster Advertising Faversham's Annual Nautical Festival


The Faversham Nautical Festival brings together the town’s maritime heritage with classic boats, music and demonstrations held on the banks of the historic creek. It attracts many thousands of visitors.


Customs & Smugglers book

Customs and Smugglers in the Port of Faversham (1200-1900)

By Stuart Harrison

Printed and published by the Faversham Society (2011)

ISBN 0-900214-67-9


Stuart served for 40 years in HM Customs and Excise, mostly on anti-smuggling duties in Kent. In this book, he explains the extensive historical roles and duties of the Custom systems covering the Port of Faversham as far back as the thirteenth century. Smuggling was rife along the north Kent coast. Stuart provides interesting accounts of some of the smuggler's exploits and the manifests of contraband involved.

Sailing Coasters book

Sailing Coasters of Faversham 1750 to 1919

By Richard Hugh Perks

Printed and published by the Faversham Society (2019)

ISBN 978-1-900214-89-6


Hugh has written extensively about shipping, fishing and traditional sailing vessels of the Thames Estuary. He has been sailing Thames barges, smacks and Norfolk wherries for over 60 years. This is his third authoritative volume in a series of three - Volume I Sailing Smacks of Faversham; Volume II Sailing Barges of Faversham. Each volume contains a wealth of information and stories about local vessels and are the result of many years of dedicated research work.

Miscellaneous Items

Eye of the Wind book

Eye of the Wind

Faversham registered, Brigantine

Official number 363398


Eye of the Wind is a brigantine-rigged, tall sailing ship built in 1911 in Germany. She was fully restored at Faversham in the 1970s. She is still sailing to exotic places around the world.


A book is available by Ina Koys who sailed on the Eye of the Wind for many months of her life. It is where she met the 98 co-authors who joined her to write a special book about a very special ship that has sailed the oceans for more than 100 years. (ISBN 3947536372)


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Eye of the Window envelope

An envelope from Eye of the Wind, which has been franked with her Faversham registration details.

Boat Building & Restoration

Alan Thorne boat builder

Alan Thorne

Purifier Building, Faversham


A professional boatbuilder for many decades, Alan is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge.

Skiff boat Bridget


Faversham built


This new, wooden 15' rowing skiff is the product of Faversham's craftsman Alan Thorne's and his latest community project - 'The Boat Building Experience'.

Workshop of Alan Staley boat builder

Alan Staley

Chambers Wharf, Faversham Creek


Alan is a shipwright and has been restoring and building boats for over 35 years. He undertakes all types of work on wooden boats - from dinghies to 50ft (sail and power). Alan won the 'Craft Skills Award for Teaching Skills in the Work Place'. The award was presented by HRH Prince Charles.


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Boat Horatio


Faversham built


She was built to a John Leather design by Alan Staley of Chambers Wharf, Faversham in 2009. She is built from epoxy-bonded plywood, sealed with epoxy and traditionally painted.



There are many websites featuring Faversham's maritime connections. Some of these are about local Thames barges, some documenting historical research and others with photographs showing Faversham vessels. Here are just two examples from many:

TS Hazard

TS Hazard - The town warehouse


The Town Warehouse, now TS Hazard, dates to 1475. Town Quay where TS Hazard stands, existed by 1420. There are aspirations for a new maritime museum in TS Hazard as a heritage centre or museum featuring Faversham’s maritime history, trade, the Graveney Boat, and the Cinque Ports. It is presently home of Faversham Sea Cadets.


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Image of website Wrecksite

Fairweather V

Faversham built, fishing vessel, PD157


'Wrecksite' is an online, worldwide database of wrecks. It gives the date and location of the wreck of Fairweather V which was built by Southern Shipbuilders at Faversham in 1974. Fairweather V ran aground on the 4th February 1991 when striking rock at Carn Dearg and sinking. No lives were lost. She was built in 1974 by Southern Shipbuilding, Faversham.


To view Derek's ink and watercolour painting of Fairweather V, click HERE


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Social Media


There are several social media sites which feature aspects of Faversham's maritime heritage. Social media sites usually contain 'latest' and more recent information than their associated websites. Here are two examples ...

Facebook page for Cambria


Restored and rebuilt at Faversham

Official Number 120676


Sailing barge Cambria is, famously, the last British ship to trade under sail and is maintained and operated by the Cambria Trust. With the support of lottery funding of £1.4 million, she was completely restored and rebuilt at Standard Quay over the period 2007-2011, thanks to the many skills and dedication of local people


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Facebook page for Faversham Creek Trust

Faversham Creek Trust

Local Organisation

Faversham Creek Trust is an independent, non-political, not-for-profit community enterprise. Its overall aim is to restore Faversham Creek as a working waterway. In particular, it will:

      - help to regenerate the Creek as a community resource
      - develop a training scheme for shipwrights
      - foster traditional boatbuilding skills, and
      - promote tourism linked to the town’s maritime heritage.


To open an external link to Facebook to read more about the Faversham Creek Trust, click HERE


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